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Domain Registration

1. Refunds won’t be issued if the domain is registered when the domain is ordered.

2. you’ve got to require the responsibility if any info is wrong whereas ordering, continuously attempt to place the order with all the knowledge

3. when registering the domain, check your mail, several vital mails could also be sent, like asking info with domain confirmation link, if the domain link isn’t confirmed, you’ve got to require the responsibility.

4. you’ve got to renew the domain before your domain expires, when it expires you’ve got to pay an additional fee, if one month passes then it’ll not be attainable to renew the domain.

5. If there’s a report against the domain, the domain are going to be suspended with none notification, then contact America and complete succeeding steps.

6. The domain panel that we offer ought to be taken, posing for the other panel won’t be acceptable.

7. when shopping for the domain, over and over Facebook blocks the domain for content violation, during which case the client must take this responsibility.

8. If there’s any copyright report against the domain then the domain are going to be suspended or removed with none notification.

9. Once any domain registration is completed, that domain cash won’t be refunded, once a website transfer is initiated, it’ll conjointly not be refunded.

Shared Hosting

1. when shopping for hosting from us, you’ll perceive the entire CPanel, if you do not perceive then the shopper can have to be compelled to take that responsibility, if you modify / delete any file info while not understanding when obtaining CPanel, the shopper can have to be compelled to take that responsibility.

2. No adult content or anti-national activity is used on our hosting, if used, hosting are suspended with none notice.

3. Company won’t be accountable if Facebook / Google blocks your domain when taking our hosting, client are accountable.

4. If you are doing not pay the hosting bill on time i.e. over seven days when the maturity date of the bill, then the hosting are deleted with none notice, the info or files can’t be recovered, you want to check your mail or login to the asking portal. Bill time ought to be glorious

Manage Service (Addon)

1. If any kind of data loss happen on server management FastCloudX team will be not responsible.

2. FastCloudX always protect your server with priority. If some one try to blame us for fake reason (Input malware or other things). FastCloudX will be not responsible for that.

3. All support will be given by only tickets.

4. All support during manage service will be non-refundable.

• Site Migration / Transfer

FastCloudX can facilitate free transfer from cPanel to cPanel, any manual transfer charges BDT 500-2000 per part, looking on web site information. Migration from root access to VPS or dedicated server is totally free, transfer from non-root to twenty accounts is free. Then one hundred are charged for every account. Same conditions apply to resellers.

Refund & Cancel

Our all packages comes with a 5-day refund guarantee. If there’s any drawback inside five days, you’ll get a full payment refund.

Account & Payment


Be sure to register along with your correct data once registering with FastCloudX. NID or alternative documents is also needed later. altogether cases documents ar requested

1. just in case of modification of email or the other data of FastCloudX account

2. once corroboratory FastCloudX account

3. If the domain or hosting is suspended for any reason

• Rules of bad behavior

FastCloudX reserves the proper to suspend or take away the shopper’s account if a client misbehaves with FastCloudX workers admins and different persons concerning FastCloudX service matters.


In case of unauthorized payment, the payment will be refunded in the same channel, depending on the gateway, it may take 1 to 7 days or more.

• If a shared/reseller account has a past due invoice, we will perform the following actions.

1-2 Days – No Action Taken
3 Days – Accounts are suspended
7 Days – Accounts will be terminated.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this terms and services you may contact us using the information below.
26, No Rupchan Len, Sutrapur

Dhaka, Dhaka 1100

[email protected]
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